Two sisters. One Goal: to create a beautiful setting for your very special event, one that will be forever etched into the memories of families and friends.

Pooja Mittra



A quick background: I grew up in North Carolina, graduated from George Washington Univerisity with a civil engineering degree, and then pursued my true passion of interior decorating.  My sister and I are excited to announce our venture into event decor! I will be your lead decorator in tailoring the perfect setting for your event.  We are fun and easy to work with...and ready to create an amazing experience for you and your loved ones.  


Gitanjali Bhagia

Director of Public Relations


A quick background: I was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in North Carolina.  Graduated from University of Pennsylvania and then completed medical school at George Washington University.  Finished off my residency in ophthalmology at the University of Virginia.  Now I am a practicing ophthalmologist in Northern Virginia. My focus will be on event organization and management. I have an "eye" for details and I will be working hard behind the scenes to make your occasion unforgettable.  

Style with panache

Amoda Decor is a premier  decorating service, specializing in exclusive designs for your events.  Our team will create the perfect setting whether you are planning a wedding, birthday or corporate event.  Tell us your design wish, and we will bring it to life.  We understand that event planning can be an overwhelming experience, and that's why our team combines hard work and fun to alleviate the stress for our clients. 


Pooja Mittra, designer